In Satan’s Playground: Internet Pornography and its Effect on Children

Lasha Darkmoon

Thanks to recent technological advances, vast numbers of children are now hopelessly addicted to internet pornography. What can we do about it? 

“What I saw truly horrified me. Night after night, as I scrolled past thousands of fresh young faces, I found an unedifying meat market where children are reduced to little more than sexual objects.” — Tanith Carey, Daily Mail

“I was 9 years old when my secret life began,” writes an ex-porn addict, many years after his recovery. “I was a 4th grader with friends who had access to pornography. They took me to a nearby park and there under the playground’s kid castle was a magazine. I imagine many reading this were my age or even younger the first time Satan got his foot in the door of their hearts using pornography. What I cannot imagine is just how much it breaks the heart of God to see little ones corrupted. From that day forward I was living with an addiction, an addiction that wouldn’t leave me for many more years to come.”

He isn’t the only one. Millions of children are now being sucked into the seedy world of porn addiction. Here is another Christian addict, this time a little girl:

“My High School years were a playground for Satan,” she confesses. “Because of my addiction to pornography, I struggled with more than enough self-hate. I went from a 13-year-old girl, who didn’t really understand what I was watching, to an 18-year-old trapped in a life of darkness.”

Trapped in a life of darkness.

That more or less sums it up for the 16-year-old Brazilian boy who died because he just couldn’t stop masturbating. His mother was at her wit’s end, not knowing what to do. One night, after a marathon masturbation binge, her hopeless porn addict son died of a sudden heart attack.

A 16-year-old boy in Brazil was pronounced dead after masturbating 42 times without stopping in Rubiato town, in Goiás region, Brazil. His mother told a local newspaper that she already knew about her son’s addiction and although she planned to force him to get special help, her decision came too late.

At midnight, the young man began to masturbate and because of his addiction could not stop and continued to do it 42 individual times.

At school, his classmates commented on the boy’s problem and some said he asked them to connect to the webcam for being observed. They further said that his attraction to women was extreme; he was attracted to all kinds of women, regardless of color and age.

In his room a great amount of pornography was found, including photographs and videos of nude women that were saved on his PC.

There must be something about the air in Brazil, because it so happens that a Brazilian female breaks all records for masturbation. Her unparalleled achievements in this area, it seems to me, would certainly merit her a place in The Guinness Book of World Records.

Ana Catarian Bezerra, who probably became addicted to pornography at an exceptionally early age, was a 36-year-old female accountant when she first came to public attention. The Portuguese-speaking office worker caused a sensation in Brazil a few years ago when she became the first person in the world to receive permission from  a judge to watch porn on her work computer and masturbate as often as she pleased—as a human right.

I don’t wish to discuss this bizarre case in unnecessary detail, since it is strictly speaking off-topic and has nothing whatever to to do with child sex addiction,which is what this article is supposed to be about. Suffice to say that Ana—you can see her picture here—was allowed to masturbate at work on medical grounds. She apparently suffered from a chemical imbalance that triggered severe anxiety that could only be alleviated by masturbation.

“It got so bad I would have to masturbate 47 times a day,” Ana admitted grimly. “That’s when I asked for help. I knew this wasn’t normal.”

To cut a long story short, the sex-crazed Brazilian was fed a medical cocktail of tranquilizers that reduced her need to masturbate from 47 times to 18 times a day, much to the relief of her bosses.  Miss Bezerra, after all, was being paid to do accountancy work at the firm, not to dash off to the bathroom every 10 minutes to exercise her human rights.

If you can spare the time, you can learn more about Ana Catarian Bezerra’s fascinating sex life in this article on the Huffington Post.

—  §  —

I must apologize for that apparent digression. The point is, what we are discussing here is essentially compulsive masturbation, the addiction inextricably linked to pornography. This bad habit, when it gets of control, can have serious consequences leading in extreme cases to frontal lobe damage. For more on this disquieting topic, see my 2-part article Pornography’s Effect on the Brain.

Pornography can create a powerful biochemical “rush” in the user. When a teenager [or child using porn] is subjected to an arousing image, the adrenal gland secretes epinephrine into the bloodstream, where it proceeds to the brain and locks the image in. Once this has occurred, the simple thought of the image can trigger a feeling of arousal. I have encountered many adult clients who can still vividly recall the first pornographic image to which they were exposed as a child or teenager. Other body chemicals, such as serotonin, adrenaline, endorphins, and dopamine also are at play, creating a euphoric state in the user. Teens who experience this biochemical thrill will, not surprisingly, want to experience it again.

Researchers at cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab recently found that among 10-year-olds, at least one in 10 had been exposed to porn on a device in their homes, either a mobile phone, tablet or home computer. The poll had quizzed 1,000 children aged between 10 and 15 about their internet habits. Alarmingly, more than 10 per cent of children had accessed hardcore pornography on the internet at the age of 9 or under. By the age of 13, this figure had risen steeply to almost one child in three. By the age of 13, moreover, a staggering 86 per cent owned a smart phone giving them full access to internet porn — almost nine children out of 10.

Even more disturbingly:

“A total of 60 per cent of the children across all age groups said they were able to hide what they had been looking at from their parents — proving they are more internet savvy than their mums and dads.”  (See here)

It is only within the last year that a new social networking site called ‘Yellow’ has exploded onto the scene. It has already attracted seven million users and been described as “Tinder for Teens”. Supposedly for teenagers, ‘Yellow’ is in fact an unregulated free-for-all which professes to be a responsible site that purportedly runs careful checks and monitors the activities of its users. In fact, according to a recent report in the Daily Mail, it does no such thing. It’s just a sophisticated porn dating site for children.

Children as young as 9-10 can easily find themselves on this seedy website exchanging nude pictures of themselves with older teenagers. The pictures (or videos) they receive in return need not even be authentic. In other words, an 11-year-old girl could be sending explicit selfies of herself to a smooth-talking “older boy” who turns out to be an adult pedophile who has been grooming her.

Shocked? You’ve heard nothing yet! It will surprise you even more to learn that adult females are now cruising social media sites to pick up underage boys for online pedophile sex. Only last week, an adult British woman, Jasmine Hill, was charged with posing as a teenage girl on Facebook in order to entice young boys into sending her explicit pictures of themselves and performing sexually indecent acts for her benefit. As she was sent to prison,  the judge said that she “posed a significant risk of serious harm to young boys.” (See her picture here)

—  §  —

Who is behind the depraved ‘Yellow’ website, essentially a sex chatroom that turns children into porn addicts?

The ethnicity of its operators remains as yet unknown, but the people behind it are based in Paris, a great multicultural metropolis. Residing in a leafy suburb, the five founders of the site are apparently all college friends, still in their twenties or thirties. Their ethnicity may or may not be deduced from their names: Emmanuel Khayat (hardly a typical French name), Sacha Lazimi (not typically French either), Jeremie Aouate (suspiciously ungallic), Arthur Patora and Anthony Tuil. Guessing their ethnicity would at this stage be risky, so I won’t try. Suffice to say that these porn merchants, masquerading as benefactors of mankind bringing masturbatory sex to the very young, don’t sound very French to me.

Tanith Carey, author of Girls Uninterrupted: Steps For Building Stronger Girls In A Challenging Worldwanted to delve into the exotic world of child sexuality as research for her new book, mentioned above. She decided to do this by pretending to be a child. Passing herself off as her own 14-year-old daughter (with her daughter’s permission of course), Mother Carey signed on as a user of the social networking site Yellow, aka ‘Tinder for Teens’, becoming one of seven million other users. No checks were run on Carey to verify her age. For all practical purposes, she could have been an adult pedophile.

After spending two months on the site, posing as her daughter Lily, Carey concluded that Yellow was “an unedifying meat market for sexual fishingwhich puts teens at risk.”

Let’s allow Mother Carey to speak for herself, explaining the mechanics of the site:

Just like Tinder, Yellow, which now has seven million users around the world, was launched as ‘a virtual flirting app’. Users make a profile, posting a selfie photograph or video, then flick through all the other people on the site. In exactly the same way as with the adult version, they can then ‘swipe right’ if they like the look of someone, or left if they don’t.

If two people like each other, they are matched and can talk directly on a chat feature on the site.

As the mother of a 14-year-old girl, taking her first steps into that terrifying no-man’s-land between adulthood and childhood, I spent two months monitoring the activities of youngsters on this site.

What I saw truly horrified me. Night after night, as I scrolled past thousands of fresh young faces—many still plump with baby fat and downy top lips—I found an unedifying meat market where children are reduced to little more than sexual objects.

Getting onto the site was shockingly easy—another terrifying discovery. To sign up to the 13 to 17 section, all I had to do was make up an age—in this case that of my 14-year-old daughter Lily, who agreed to let me post a picture of her on the site in order to help me understand the pressures her generation are facing.

Otherwise there was no other attempt to verify my identity or age—and nothing else to deter children under 13 (many looked no more than ten), let alone adult paedophiles who couldn’t have invented an easier way to get access to youngsters.

The picture of her daughter that Carey posted on the site was a modest one. All it showed was the back of Lily’s head with her hair in plaits. There was nothing remotely sexual about it. (See Lily’s picture here). Yet within five minutes of posting this innocent picture on the site, a stream of flirty messages began to arrive from various boys, all going into ecstasies over the 14-year-old schoolgirl.

“Awwww, proper cute!” gushed one. “Hey beautiful!” burbled another.

Mother Carey soon got the hang of the site. She familiarized herself with the immature jargon of the very young, confining herself to safe “chat” about homework and  “skl” (school). These kids certainly had a way with abbreviations, acronyms and emoticons.

If someone wanted to say something deep and was lost for words, no problem. An emoticon would usually do the job just as well. If a boy was fed up with the preliminaries of polite palaver, for example, and wanted to get down to some “serious flirting”, he could post a purple devil emoji. This meant “Let’s talk dirty.” Time for the exchange of sexually explicit images and videos.

An emoji showing a cat with a surprised face meant: “I wanna see you naked.”

Mother Carey soon discovered there was even an online dictionary for deciphering the code. So much so that if parents, anxious to monitor their child’s online activity, should ever stumble across these erotic hieroglyphics and coded kiddie talk, they wouldn’t have a clue what was going on. Users had a huge library of symbols to choose from, expressing their sexual preferences and hangups.

When a boy felt the girl he was “courting” was really hot for him, he might opt for the notorious aubergine symbol. Needless to say, if the little minx knew what he had in mind, she might give her consent by shooting him back a smiley face. Or tapping out, “Yeah, y not?” or even more daringly, ‘Gr8! Luv u 2 bits!” The next thing on the menu would then be an explicit closeup of her online boyfriend’s genitalia. Videos providing more action might follow, to which the young lady was expected to reciprocate by sending him back equally audacious erotica.

—  §  —

Mother Carey tells us that even at the age of 13, these boys and girls are well acquainted with a wide range of sexual preferences. They present themselves as heterosexual, gay, lesbian or even “pansexual”, meaning equally happy to identify with any of the 50-71 genders that purportedly exist (according to the Facebook pundits) and have virtual sex with almost anyone.

Let’s hear it from Mother Carey again:

Every single night [on ‘Yellow’] I saw videos of under-age boys ostentatiously smoking spliffs, blowing what appeared to be marijuana smoke into the camera or using bongs.

When I asked [a particular boy on the site] what a particular emoji meant, the boy said it signified he was “always horny”.  Many boys do not bother to sugarcoat the reasons why they are here.

Rory, 15 (who looks 11), poses for his picture in his school blazer, white shirt and stripey tie. “T** pics,”  he announces across the bottom of his profile. A few minutes later, I get my first direct request on the chat feature from Jonathan, 14. It simply reads: “Nudes? Xxxx.”

Josh is equally direct but without the kisses. The picture he posts is of a headless, bare, ripped torso complete with impressive six-pack [i.e., his well-developed abdominal muscles. See pic]. He says he’s 13. 

In another conversation, I ask Jacob, who is pictured in uniform with his feet up on the desk, why he has asked me for naked pictures. “Why not?” he replies. “Bout the only thing this app is used for.”

All conversation here is cursory and quickly directed by boys towards the sexual. One of my new correspondents tells me that he’s still in bed before getting up for school. We only exchange messages for a few minutes when out of the blue he volunteers that he had just been pleasuring himself.”

When I was young, children were never exposed to these inconceivable sexual temptations. The internet was still new and strange to most of the population. Boys spent a lot of time out in the open, kicking balls around. Girls in white socks sought pleasure on swings or lost calories with the help of skipping ropes.

Nowadays it’s different. There’s a new game in town. The dish du jour for the sexually precocious cell phone generation: obsessive-compulsive sexting, often leading to perverted phone sex.

Truly, never before in history have children been exposed to such toxic evils, and never before have they lost their innocence so young.

A century ago, sensing the dark shadows about to fall on mankind, Nietzsche declared in anguish “GOD IS DEAD!”—adding later more gravely: “Formula of my happiness: a Yes, a No, a Straight Line, a Goal.” The young today, it seems, have no ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, no straight line or worthwhile goal to give them direction and purpose. It’s no wonder they seek solace in the opium of sex and drugs, since the bracing tonic of religious faith has been snatched away from them.

The young are lost, adrift on a wild sea without rudder or anchor, under a pitiless sky abandoned by God.


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