Zionist Jews crafted a scheme designed to turn the Russian people against there own Government creating discontent used to overthrow their own Russian leader. When the murders and brutality of communism started taking place it was too late for the Russians to realized they were duped into helping Jews/Communist destroy their freedom and lives with Bolshevik Coup.

They started all the trouble by murdering the last Czar and his family, stole the entire government, and vowed to do the same for Europe and the whole world. They brought Communism to Russia murdering over 60 million Russians and starting a world war. They use the Bolshevik revolution scheme now called “color revolutions” as a template to take over the nations all across the world. George Soros now finances trouble making operations here and aboard to spread communism worldwide.

The last thing the domestic enemies want is for Russia to warn America about how the communist mass murdered over 60 million innocent Russians, and how the Zionist/Communist use their dual citizen Israeli’s to turn Americans against each other, setting the stage for a Bolshevik type revolution.  Zionist have duped brainwashed Americans into helping them attempt to overthrow the American Government. 

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