9-11 False-Flag Operations

The Same Deep State Swamp that is Fighting against the real President Donald Trump are the very ones truly behind the 9-11 attacks. The missing Jumbo Jet at the Pentagon reveals what “Deception theater” is all about. Movies at one time were used mainly for entertainment. “Staged events movies” are acted out at various locations for political purposes.
It’s all deception. Slide of hand, Mis-direction. The guilty party carries out the crimes and blames someone or something else. Since no aircraft hit World Trade Center building 7 who does one blame?
After 20 years if you are now ready for the truth. The open borders, the stoppage of the oil pipeline, calls for defunding of the police, BLM, Antifa, the fake pandemic, the lockdowns, the aerial spraying, Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, Joe Biden, the Democrat party, the terrorist efforts to disrupt the food supply etc are all Deep State operations just as the 9-11 attacks.

‘Al Qaeda Is on Our Side’: How Obama/Biden Team Empowered Terrorist Networks in Syria