After Decades of Manufactured Terror, Putin Points to Naked Empire With ISIS Bombings

(Truthstream Media) When Putin carries out airstrikes in Syria, he sees ISIS.

When the U.S. disputes the same targets, it sees Syrian rebel groups and the Free Syrian Army.

The mercenaries, armed with American weapons and Pentagon-source payrolls, aren’t terrorists, they are “relatively moderate rebel factions like al-Qaeda.”

Watch the video commentary:

Such is the delusion that goes on and on under the spell of the War on Terror. But the re-branding of ISIS to create a new enemy in the wake of bin Laden’s death has been too much for much of anyone to take.

But apparently it took Putin to call out the Naked Empire in our misguided and badly executed quest for a New American Century.

The Obama Administration is working overtime to officially state that white is black, as it scrambles to portray Russia’s decisive action to defend Assad against the Islamic State in Syria as an attack on NATO’s pet proxy – a sovereign Mickey Mouse rebel squadron. Its cast members play double roles, first in rebel force costumes and an encore in Jihadi John jumpsuits, strike fear in all directions – and are not to be questioned as phonies or fakes.

But is anyone buying it? After all, it has been many long years of painful and transparent lies. Assad’s supposed use of chemical weapons was the silliest yet. Do we really have to put up with the non-sense as if we don’t know we’re being tricked and screwed with? Does it really take Putin to stand up to the playground bully?

 The U.S. has left itself open to blackmail on its naked strategy of creating its own terrorist enemy – and pretending not to be a shadow boxer. Now, Putin has called the West’s bluff like a skilled poker player. In tow, Assad even claimed that

Al-Nusra and ISIS operate with such a force in the region under Western cover, because Western states have always believed that terrorism is a card they can pull from their pocket and use from time to time..

After years of Obama acting impotent to stop ISIS, while daily fueling fears on broadcast media about ISIS, Russia has invited the U.S. to join in taking out the very vehicle it created to sow chaos in the region.

Talk about watching your investment go up in flames – it is one thing to see eggs cracked to make omelets, but it is another to see a perfectly good mess go to waste. They had every intention of playing “you break it, you buy it,” but someone got in their way. They would have gotten away with it too, if not for you darn kids!

Given that Putin reached an understanding with Netanyahu just before the airstrikes began, one could even wonder if the scales were tipping on the balance of power.

The only question is: will Putin’s taunting deflate the U.S. war machine in tandem with the dollar, or will the Pentagon double down for a round of WWIII saber-rattling and try to bite off more entanglement in the region?