Tell-Tale Sign of a Crisis Actor?

(Truthstream Media) We are not putting this video up to judge another person’s suffering.

We are putting this video up because there’s a distinct and disturbing absence of suffering. There’s an eerie absence of really any emotions at all.

This interview was conducted, according to the interviewer, just 24 hours after these people’s mother was supposedly gunned down in cold blood in Charleston on June 17th.

Watch for yourself. There’s nothing here. No shock. Not the “love” they claim they feel, not even the “forgiveness,” and certainly an alarming absence of grief or really just any emotions at all — positive or negative.

The young man talks about how he was “briefed” on the situation like someone called to let him know that, oh by the way, it might rain later. We’ve seen people show more emotion at a diner when a waitress brings a cup of coffee that isn’t fresh. There is just a startling lack of emotion that would normally emanate from a human being who has just been through a tragic event.

This isn’t even shock. It’s just nothing. It’s like a blank slate. It’s like watching robots talk.

It’s just as RedSilverJ says in the video; it’s as if they went straight to the acceptance stage at lightning speed. In fact, RedSilverJ from TeamWakeEmUP has more emotion narrating the video he put up on this than these two people in the video have throughout the entire interview.

It’s actually very hard to watch.

It reminds us of the video of Robbie Parker, the father at Sandy Hook, who is seen laughing moments before his press conference, then steeling himself and flipping from happy to sad in seconds for the cameras right before he starts to speak, just the way an actor would do right before taking part in a sketch on Saturday Night Live or something.

Call it crisis actors, call it whatever version of MKUltra we’re on these days, call it whatever you want. It’s just…

Something is not right here and if you pay attention for more than thirty seconds, you can feel it.

We knew this whole thing looked suspect when Al Sharpton already had a front row seat, announcing his appearance on Morning Joe at 6:30 am just hours after the shooting; when even Reuters was pushing the race baiting card, recalling everything from segregation to Sandy Hook to the 2nd Amendment to 9/11 and homegrown domestic extremists in their kitchen sink reporting of the “facts” first thing; when Karl Rove, a supposed conservative, is on Fox News right away calling for the repeal of the 2nd Amendment as the only way to stop the violence (a move which will ensure that only criminals who commit mass shootings like this one and the government will be the only ones with guns in this country)…

There’s a reason certain events make it to the national establishment media stage.

…it’s another Wag the Dog.

In other news, Reuters is now reporting that the Justice Department has fast-tracked $29 million dollars to the families of the Charleston shooting victims.