NEW Isis Worship Propelling ISIS to Hollywood Big Screen Soon

isisworshipBy Bernie Suarez

For centuries we’ve known about Isis, the ancient Egyptian goddess whose name translates into “throne”. In ancient Egypt the goddess Isis slowly became known and soon was credited with giving life and healing people. The fake goddess was worshiped by the kings and queens across not just Egypt but by Pagans across many regions of the Eastern world.

Isis was initially an obscure goddess who lacked her own dedicated temples, but she grew in importance as the dynastic age progressed, until she became one of the most important deities of ancient Egypt. Her cult subsequently spread throughout the Roman Empire, and Isis was worshiped from England to Afghanistan. She is still revered by pagans today. As mourner, she was a principal deity in rites connected with the dead; as magical healer, she cured the sick and brought the deceased to life; and as mother, she was a role model for all women.

Today we have another fake deity called “ISIS”, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria who also goes by many other names. And like the goddess Isis, ISIS is also a deity worshiped and looked up to by the ruling elite who want to control you. Like the goddess Isis, ISIS is also at the center of “life”, only the “life” they are giving is solely to those who want to rule the world. I’ve been writing now for several years about how ISIS is the primary lifeline of the new world order and, more than ever before, this is clear to see.

Before we delve into the details of the ISIS psyop again put yourself in the shoes of an ISIS fighter for one moment. You are fighting a war where all of humanity supposedly is your enemy. With no hope of actual victory, the Western media propaganda is making you out to be a world super power. You are collecting some $300 a month if that, and the end result will be world war, complete destruction of your effort and a comfortable new world order for someone much higher than you. You yourself will likely be wiped out by a Russian shell or left for dead somewhere without mercy. What kind of world is this?? Who would agree to a deal like this?

That’s the ISIS perspective; now consider that without ISIS today, the phony “war on terror” would be over with, there would be no build up and rumors of world war 3, the PNAC Middle East plans would be dead in the water, there would be no justification for the global police being rolled out to the U.N. by U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, there would be no supposed mass shootings claiming they are in the name of ISIS, there would be no “Paris attacks” or “Charlie Hebdo” false flag events, there would no need for a call for an Authorization of Unlimited Military Force (AUMF) on the table to add to the unlimited post-9/11 Pentagon ATM machine otherwise known as the Pentagon Slush Fund which phony wars of terror keep churning out billions of dollars for.

Without the Pentagon, Neocon, and global elite’s god of ISIS there would be no justification to clamp down on the Internet, individual privacy and there would be no justification to label Americans “domestic terrorists”. Without ISIS and the propaganda that comes with it, there would be no justification for 24/7 scaremongering to get travelers, shoppers, pedestrians and drivers to give up their rights everywhere they go in America and around the world. Without ISIS there would be little reason to create new narratives that don’t even directly involve ISIS like “ISIS sympathizers”, “ISIS ideology”, and “ISIS inspired”.

These non-direct ISIS related phrases are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the propaganda ratcheted up for this new god of ISIS. As I’ve written so many times in the past, in broad daylight most dumbed-down sheeple, even well-meaning truth seekers don’t realize that ISIS, which was created by the U.S. intelligence and its NATO allies, has already surpassed the military capabilities of all the forces in WW I and II combined! More on this later.

Most well-meaning people who WANT to believe U.S. Pentagon and CIA carefully constructed propaganda really do believe that ISIS is an entity of its own that needs to be “defeated”. They want to believe that the U.S. is somehow “against” ISIS and that the U.S. really is fighting ISIS, yet they won’t consider all the points that I’m bringing out here.

Somewhere in her private space people like Rita Katz of SITE institute, who made ISIS possible by producing and disseminating one fake beheading or other type of video after another, is perhaps laughing at how stupid people really are. Somewhere at home members of the Pentagon and CIA are smiling as the ISIS lie continues to grow.

And the propaganda without consequences seems like it will get a shot in arm soon as Hollywood producers recently met with Secretary of State John Kerry to discuss the final level of ISIS worship – an ISIS Hollywood movie. Kerry and his close Hollywood friends were discussing what narratives to play into in what they hope will soon be an ISIS action film in hopes of cementing the ISIS lies in the minds of the masses.

Naturally, the propaganda machine is already slanting this effort as a way to “counter” ISIS propaganda. The cycle (literally) of propaganda claiming that one propaganda is designed to beat another propaganda is typical of the “Deep State” Orwellian logic:

One attendee who was there said that the executives also exchanged ideas and observations about studio worldwide marketing of movies and TV shows, a way of showing how narrative storytelling can cross cultures. The attendee described part of the gathering as a “brainstorming session,” including how to involve storytellers in regions afflicted or threatened by ISIS, as a way to counter the narratives promulgated by the terrorist organization. “Let’s figure out how to involve people who are there,” the attendee said.

With the general public watching and listening to less and less mainstream media news and with so many people lost in their own space, the control system wants to bombard them with what they think will work: a two-dimensional presentation with Hollywood-style audio booming sounds and impressive hypnotizing visual effects in hopes of capturing everyone’s imagination once and for all.

Those looking to cement their new world order of enslavement know that a movie reiterating the ISIS lies would be a powerful and effective tool to help their cause that much more. Think about this, why is a politician even meeting with Hollywood producers about anything? Why meet with Hollywood producers unless they knew that the big screen is one of their main weapons, if not their biggest weapon, of mass deception against humanity? Ask yourself again, why would a politician meet with Hollywood producers in a country where propaganda is legal? Is that why America elects these people? Who’s not connecting these simple dots? And shouldn’t this be a reason for concern? Have we all lost our minds?

Unfortunately, this is the world we now live in. The propaganda is easy to write about because it’s right there in your face. What you do with the information is the only question.

Isn’t anyone wondering why we’re not hearing too many ISIS stories lately? That’s because too many ISIS stories, or mass shootings for that matter, would seriously interfere with their left-right paradigm current election campaign. This is a reminder to all that when ISIS is NOT in the news should be noted as well as when they are.

The ISIS Phenomenon

Isn’t it amazing how ISIS who is now supposedly the greatest military and counter intelligence force ever assembled in the history of humanity is able to defeat multiple nuclear world powers while laughing at the rest of the world, creating websites and social media accounts, showing up and recruiting fighters in places all over the world with untraceable communications, all while making tons of money, evading every form of surveillance and completely outsmarting every single intelligence agency, all at the same time! For anyone who wants to say I’m exaggerating, think again. This is exactly the ISIS being sold to the world, and we’re not even talking about the ISIS movie productions, editing, Photoshop skills, magazines, banking system, college recruiting, ISIS females and sex slave camps, etc. I’m just condensing the ISIS attributes and abilities to the main ones mentioned by mainstream media every other day.

I started covering the ISIS psyop almost 2 years ago and I hope that my fellow Americans see the psychological operation for what it is. Do not allow anyone to convince you that any portion of the ISIS story is real or important from the perspective they are telling you. The only thing that is important is that ISIS is a creation, not an enemy, of the U.S. and that ISIS will only go away in the minds of Americans (the 2-dimensional reality that is) whenever those who created (the illusion of) ISIS say it goes away.

If and when Russia and Putin are able to destroy ISIS, be prepared, my fellow Americans, for another version of ISIS. I’m not just talking about the “ISIS inspired”, “ISIS related”, and “ISIS ideology” psyop they have already been using. I’m guessing the next version of ISIS will be the “underground” invisible ISIS that no one ever sees. Perhaps ISIS will grab a page from “Al Qaeda” and return to the caves. Either way, leave it up to Intelligence, the Pentagon, and maybe even Hollywood to come up with a good script for the ISIS story which is now no different than the goddess of Isis who began as an unknown entity and then eventually morphed into a popular fake 2-dimensional world goddess throughout the Eastern world and centuries later is still worshiped by the Pagans.

Ask yourself, ISIS, what’s in a name?

Bernie is a revolutionary writer with a background in medicine, psychology, and information technology. He is the author of The Art of Overcoming the New World Order and has written numerous articles over the years about freedom, government corruption and conspiracies, and solutions. A former host of the 9/11 Freefall radio show, Bernie is also the creator of the Truth and Art TV project where he shares articles and videos about issues that raise our consciousness and offer solutions to our current problems. His efforts are designed to encourage others to joyfully stand for truth, to expose government tactics of propaganda, fear and deception, and to address the psychology of dealing with the rising new world order. He is also a former U.S. Marine who believes it is our duty to stand for and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. A peace activist, he believes information and awareness is the first step toward being free from enslavement from the globalist control system which now threatens humanity. He believes love conquers all fear and it is up to each and every one of us to manifest the solutions and the change that you want to see in this world, because doing this is the very thing that will ensure victory and restoration of the human race from the rising global enslavement system, and will offer hope to future generations.